Our goal as an Interiors firm is to produce a product that meets the client’s needs and projects the desired image.  We also strive to create a product that will be appropriate, functional, and maintainable for the client for years to come

Make Mondays better. Create the perfect working environment.


Our staff consists of five registered Interior Designers and one LEED accredited professional with a collective experience of more than 100 years.  Our background in both architectural and furniture industries makes Hatcher Schuster Interiors unique to the design field.  We work as a team from the project’s inception and through design phases making the final decorative appointments to the space.



Because you can't work all the time.


High quality design is the hallmark of our company’s work, regardless of its size or classification.  Our creative and hard working designers make the difference, by producing a large quantity of high quality work.  This provides the client a great value for the service and excellent interior design solutions.


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Make time to treat yourself.


 Our services range from programming and space planning to the furniture selection and decorative treatment of the spaces. We have in the last 35 years established a strong reputation for listening to the clients needs and for meeting the client’s time and budget constraints.



Build healthy and positive spaces.


Hatcher Schuster Interiors uses evidence based design to create healing environments. We strive to provide a timeless interior that promotes health and wellness for patients. Healthcare environments need to function well, provide a beautiful aesthetic, be easily maintainable and have anti-microbial properties.


Unlock your creativity.


Hatcher Schuster Interiors believes in creating a space that generates new ideas and inspires productivity while improving the overall aesthetic and client experience.